(The alternative science project)

METHODS and TECHNOLOGY of the project.

Using various methods of the ESP (extra sensory perception)1 as the psychotronic phenomena of the past life memory can be evoked. We will try to induce the ability of our potential participants to remember their present life in the future, when reincarnated.

We believe that the posthypnotic suggestion could be a good method and would help to prove also the reincarnation.

This method is actually hypnotist's suggestion given to the subject in a deep hypnotic state, which the subject will precisely perform after the hypnosis is finished.

If the subject performes the posthypnotic suggestion unconsiously, not realizing and just racionalizing the original cause of his/her activity, we speak about non-critical realization. For our project is though rather interesting to proceed using a posthypnotic suggestion with the standard consciousness actively cooperating in the process. It generally has a higher percentage of effectivity and is successfully applicable also for the people with middle susceptibility to the hypnosis.

A probable prototype of the posthypnotic suggestion formula

 "In your future life you will clearly remember your present life details.
  This idea will be a constant objective of your individual meditation..."

In this way will be the subjects individual unconsious frequencies adjusted and the standard consciousness will take an active part in the realization of the posthypnotic suggestion. And I believe that in this way we will attain the expected effect.(outcome)

Advanced adepts of yoga have known the technic of meditation for decades.

The focus of the meditation is one-point mind in contemplation and the objective of this one-point meditation can also be of an irrational nature.

In order to offer equal standard hypnosis conditions for everyone interested, we produced a CD with the title /HYPNOTIC 4 PEACE 1/.It is a brilliant hypnosis, that includes the formula of earlier mentioned posthypnotic suggestion. The theme of the CD /HYPNOTIC 4 PEACE 1/ is a meditation on compassionate acts and protection of the nature with relaxing, state of mind altering music playing in the backround. The CD can be ordered on the OPEN WAY foundation address and for those that discovered our website only by coincidence I would recommend it also as a very interesting and extravagant present for your loved ones or close friends.

Hypnosis CD recordings work in a very similar way as heterohypnosis and with the respect to fact, that we are using posthypnotic suggestion, which is effective also for the people with lower susceptibility to hypnosis, the CD can be used in mass scale.

People seriously interested in, should fill out the attached questionary and send it together with a receipt of payment and with their return address to our foundation. The fee in order to recieve the copy of the CD is 15 USD and can be paid directly to the Open Way foundation bank account. We would like to appologize, but checks will be not accepted due to possible international banking complications (fees, delay, etc.).

Those who are interested in participation on the actual project, should first contact us (by mail, phone or e-mail). Upon your detailed explanation of your attitude and intention we will decide whether your decision is relevant for further cooperation with us.

Chosen individuals, will be requested to send to our address a sealed envelope with arbitrary personal objects, like personal diary, some written text or audio recording. Even better would be a collection of some personal photos.These objects will be than placed together with the questionary, into our database and serve in the future to prove subjects past lifes identity. Here I would like to mention, that a mental exercise of inner sight visualization of the objects, chosen to be send to us, can be highly effective for their successful mental imprint in the subjects memory. And I would truly recommend it.

With consideration that our system will succeed, the reincarnation probability will be proven; our participants will be able to contact our foundation in their future. Their ability to identify obejcts stored in our database, that belong to the person that they personalize with from the past life, will serve as a proof of their identity.

Mahajan Budhist monks and the ancient methods and ways they search for their reincarnated representatives, were of great inspiration to our project and the system we developed.

We hope that we created a system that is fully reliable and efficient for the purpose of proving individuals past life identity and only all criteria fullfilling subjects can be approved.

It is also possible that our project will help to create similarly spiritual counsciousness regarding reincarnation in Western world as the one existing in India. The fact, that our participants will really have tangible and convincing memory of their past life, can cause a breaktrough of past life amnesia even in a number of others, that didn’t actually activate their consciousness through our program..

The goal of our project is merely just a proof of reincarnation in its own sake. We are planning with second phase of our project in the future, in which we will try to create an institution dedicated to the worldwide search for spiritually significant reincarnated personalities, but most important it will be a far- reaching research, owing to which, we will be hopefully able to raise the general consciousness about our planet and it’s nature. Stop the cruel experiments and tests on animals or their torture in circus and in general, as well as bringing the end to the cruelty under the humans itself. We hope to bring the understanding , that if we will take care of our planet, there will be enough vegetarian food and job opportunities for everyone. Our planet is our care-giver and it should be treated with respect.

It is our conviction that namely the human technologies shouldn’t serve to our planets slow decay in the name of global capitalism , but for it’s global revival. At times it isn’t easy to choose a direction opposite the one that promises gratification in the short terms. In this sense, the "right" choices are at times hard choices. But when we approach life from the perspective that these "right" choices move us into greater harmony with the ultimate harmony of the universe, we realize that what is "right" and what brings happiness are actually the same things.

The autors are aware of the possibility, that the research may not bring the proof of the reincarnation hypothesis.This fact though only adds on the seriousness of our project from the standpoint of view of Western science.

To those of you, to which the project may seem too futuristic or sci-fi like, I would like to express our faith, that it is good time in our world and we, the planets Earth population, evolved to the right stage to start this kind of courageous project.

We believe in the existance of other worlds with intelligent inhabitants, that are experimenting or have had an experience with similar projects. In this way we would also like to ask these worlds and spiritually evolved beings from far future for their inspiration or any kind of assistance.

With respect
Daniel Gershom

This project is dedicated to Sun, Planet Earth and all unconditionally feeling beings.

With regards to our serious need for help in financing of the project, we would like to appeal to potential investors and sponsors.

Your financial support would be very much appreciated and also be a help to secure smooth prosecution(continuation) of the project in the future.

There are some possible commercial aspects to the project too. One of them is a possibility for our clients to bequeath their wealth and money to their future life. In this way may be the ancient desire (since the era of the Pharaohs in Egypt or older) of wealthy and powerfull brought to it’s fulfilment. This idea is serving only as an inspiration for potential investors, we do not have any personnal interest in this matter.

In the case of successful commercial outcome of our project, the money gained, will be invested to support and help resolve ecological issues of our planet and mainly for the support of the rights of animals.

 Please do not hesitate to contact our foundation, if you were inspired by our project to any kind of possible cooperation, as well as with all of yours opinions, ideas or questions.

 ... mystic doesn’t embody only the dark phenomenon, like interpreted in most of our medias

but it is also a broad scale of positive and good forces, the appearances of the light beings...

WARNING: CD-Hypnotic4Peace 1 is absolutely not suitable for psychotic patients, people with drugs problems, depressions, suicidal tendencies or other psychotic problems. The CD isn’t recommended as well for people suffering any kind of heavy illness. It isn’t serving to help or heal any health issues. For this purpose you should visit your health practisioner.

1 Western terminology expression for psychotronic fenomenon, even though these two terms are not totally identical.




1) Name and Surname


2) Birthday


There is no obligation to answer any of following questions…..


3) Do you believe in succesful outcome of our project?


4) Do you think that a past life memory could be of any advantage to you?


5) What would you recommend to improve or change on our project?


6) Did you ever try regression hypnosis?


7) Do you practise any form of meditation?


8) Have you ever encountered UFO appearance, psychokinesis, dematerialization, any kind of time deformation experience (like time dilatation) or other paranormal phenomenon?


9) Do you consider the Sun and the planet Earth living entities?


10) What is your conception of love?


11) Yes, I would like to order from you ……copy(ies) of the HYPNOTIC4PEACE1 CD (please write the amout of copies) for $ 15 (US) each.


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[1] Western terminology expression for psychotronic fenomenon, even though these two terms are not totally identical.